Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I don't really want to do this...

I just don't feel invested in AI this season. I only like - really like - 3 people. That sucks. Last season was SOOOO much better.

I swear if Sanjaya doesn't go home this week, I will stop watching.

Let's get on with it... sheesh...

Jordin: She is so cute and she kicked it off right. Much better than any of the guys last night. I enjoyed that performance.... a lot. Baby got back, too!

Sabrina: She looked damn not tonight - and sounded pretty good too. I still want her to do something with her hair... and her dress was bunched up around her a$$. Pull it down.

Antonella-- aka -- Jersey Skank Ho: God she sucks. That's all.

Haley: Don't like that song... she was almost as bad as JSH. She's a cute girl, but still not as talented as the others. Boring. She's in trouble. She was a whiney baby after Simon had his say...

Stephanie: Why did she have a mike on her dress as well as the one she was singing with? Love her. She looked beautiful and her voice was fantastic. Top 10- definitely.

Lakisha: As much as I like her, I can't stand Whitney! PLEASE STOP SINGING IT! I always feel like I'm watching a karaoke competition... it is old and boring. BUT Lakisha did a better job than anyone else I have ever heard try to attempt this particular song.

Gina: Perfect song for her. She sounded great! At one point it sounded a little screechy, but she pulled it out. I think she's safe.

Melinda: I want them to stop dressing her like a grandmother! She needs to be more edgy and hip! Come on! Her voice though... DAYUM! I love her more and more every single week. Tonight's song was a little old, but she made it sound so freakin' good.

Observation: Ryan had the Simon look tonight with the black turtleneck and tight jeans. And Simon had one light gray. My goodness... is the world coming to an end?

Simon was spot on the entire night. Who knows Haley? The cream is rising to the top now... and it's not Antonella or Haley. They are my predictions to go home.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your predictions, but I'm really scared that won't be the case because I think JSH should've already gone home.

Anonymous said...

Loved Melinda's performance however can someone find her a neck?