Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Let's face it; everyone pretty much kicked ass last night, even Rod McDrunkstewart. I don't know if they got the monitors fixed for the little hamsters or if everyone is over whatever head colds they were suffering or what.

If all were right in the world and America didn't find oddball crusades and try to prove their point with their dialing fingers, then Thia should go home tonight. The crusades happened a lot when Simon was on the show and he'd rip someone a new one. America got all protective and tried to saved the ripee. But the judging has been more positive as a whole, so really, this has been unneccessary. Therefore, Thia should go.


My worst fear is that Naima will go instead. I love her beyond reason. She's got the best rags to riches story going. And she is so different. I'd really like to see her get far in the competition. But everytime I pin my hopes on someone on this stupid show, I end up with nothing the next day.

We'll see tonight.

Actually, if all is fair, Thia should go home. But my dream within a dream is that there's a shocker elimination and Pia goes. Who needs her diva crap? Not me. The only problem is the judging monkeys would probably save her if she didn't get the votes.