Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Little Archie and friends

I am really over Little Archie. It's not his fault because he's just doing what he knows how to do, so that's fine. But come on. The kid is not very interesting. Talk about a one-pony show. Get up on stage, talk about how amazing everything is, giggle like a schoolgirl, do a bunch of those little half-kneel motions when you're putting a little ornamentation on one of your crooner notes, then thank the judges and fans profusely in that cloying, self deprecating manner.

Despite my often crusty demeanor I do like "nice" people, so I feel kind of bad bashing him for that. But after a while enough is just enough. The kid is 16 and should be in school. Talk to me when he's over 21 and we'll see if he's able to add a layer of complexity to bring something new to the table. Plus maybe by then he'll shed the celestial underwear.

Cookie Boy - I call him that because although I'm still a fan, it's starting to get a little cookie-cutter with him. Chris Daughtry had the same problem; great singer, great performer, but every song is starting to sound the same. Hey though, what can you really do week to week? He's good and he deserves to win, but I'd like to see him change it up a little.

Ok Brookie, the Mormon thing says you have to be nice and all, but you don't have to offer to blow the judges while they're dissing you. Even though they were right; that performance S-U-C-K-E-D. I knew you were in the trouble the second you started in with that "doo-n-doo-doo" act. And what WAS that whole "WHOOO!" thing right in the middle of the song before you started flailing uncontrollably? Oh, and the whole critiquing thing isn't supposed to be a conversation, dear. You're starting to look desperate.

The thing I love about Paula is that you can tell she hated your song when she opens her comments by telling you how great you look and how lovable you are. Gag.

Michael Johns. This performance reminded me of when Jerry Seinfeld said "I can't watch a man sing a's embarassing." That about sums it up. I mean, I'm sorry your friend died and all, but this show isn't a vehicle for delivering a eulogy. Simon is right; you'd better start sorting yourself out, because the only thing keeping you here next week will be your pretty face.

Manda. Sure, she's predictable, but I love her. I like that she knows who she is. I think she could even pull off a ballad but she'd have to tread gingerly.

Jason. Oddly enough I liked him tonight. He has a friendly, soothing voice. The distaste for that "Hallelujah" song a few weeks ago still lingers, but I'm slowly forgiving.

As for the rest of you: pull my finger.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Just a few thoughts...
I was so glad to see that David Archuleta is back.

Jason's personality is so...blah. His interviews are fast-forward worthy. Simon said his face sold the song, but I wasn't watching, just listening and then I looked up to see Jason making a face that made me want to send him a Costco-sized Metamucil.

I like Carly, but didn't someone else comment that this is AMERICAN idol?

David Cook is such a tool he could fill up an entire Home Depot with his smirks alone.

But I never liked Chris Daughtry (sp?) until very recently (post-AI) maybe I'll like David Cook later.

I like Syesha's hair better when it looks like a bird's nest.

Who tells the audience members to wave their hands like that? That is really annoying.

Is Chikezie butchering this song cuz I don't recognize it, at all?!

How short is Ramiele? My Filipina "Lola" was about 4' 11" but I think she would've towered over Ramiele.

Unfortunately, I think Ramiele let her BFF Danny Noriega be her stylist.

Paula's outfit: tranny mess

Another night -- more Beatles

For some reason I really don't want to watch tonight. I'm gonna force myself though. Just so I can talk to the folks at work about it...

Just realized it's a two hour show... I may not make it. The first few performances better be good or I'm gonna find something else to watch. I'm just NOT into it this year. I know who I want to win but as to who will... don't really care.

Amanda: Back in the U.S.S.R. - I really like her voice... she has a great sound. And she can work the stage. I liked it! She's safe for another week. I love her spunk, too.

Kristy Lee: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - I liked it until she got to the chorus; then she got a little pitchy. She did end it well though. She should be in the bottom two again, but this time GONE. Musical wallpaper!!! Perfect!

David A: The Long and Winding Road - He's turning into a crooner and I don't like that. Did he forget the words again? He seems really hesitant. He'll definitely move on and probably make the top three. Is he a "pop" star though? He'd go the way of some of the others and disappear into oblivion.

Michael: A Day in the Life - Awesome song... he sounds great. I' d buy it as a single. What a great performance! He's safe. I guess I heard something different than the judges. I don't think it was a "mess".

I can't stand the way Simon just said "you have to nail it like David did"... just give it to the kid and let's stop this show now.

Brooke: Here Comes the Sun - Perfect song for her. I think she is the dark horse of this competition and a major threat. She has definately been placed in my top 3. Again -- I guess I didn't hear the same performance as the judges.

David C: Day Tripper - He's got such a great voice... just wish I could look at him when he performs. Love the arrangement!!! It is perfect for him. Could have done without the whole voice box thingy, but I have to say it is the best tonight. I guess it was a good thing I wasn't watching him since Simon said he looked "smug"... typical of a Tool.

Carly: Blackbird - She is my absolute favorite. That was beautiful. I love how she has shown how she can hit the lower range too. Beautiful. She is top 2... IMO.

Jason: Michelle - eh. I usually love him, but tonight he seems a little off. I'm glad he stepped away from the guitar and tried something a little more up tempo. I'm still crazy about him though. He's safe for another week.

I'm done. I've seen all I want to see and the last three I could care less about. Let me know how they did. I've going to find something else on tv -- or go to bed.