Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another Hour

I voted for Travis Tritt, I loved his rendition of 'The Bible Belt'. OOPS!

Blake and Sanjaya are not favorites. Sanjaya reminds me of Michael Jackson and Blake just needs some style. Blake should try out for stand up comedy.

Sundance is just bland to me.

I have more appreciation for Chris Richardson this week. He must have gotten a vocal coach. Simon called his singing cutesy.

Jared is OK to look at (he should try out for America's Next Model) but still not good at staying on key.

Brandon had more energy but I agree with Simon that was not the right song for him. New favorite though.

Phil...Bad song and bad outfit Dude. He had been my favorite.

Chris Sligh, I just can't get past the bad hair. I do like his pipes. So I guess it would be like Elvis..I can listen to him but not look at him. He needs a stylist. Someone help him.

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