Wednesday, March 12, 2008

David Horrendez

No, this was not the end for you David. But this might be:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CPW Idol Reviews

Loving them:

With the exception of that hideous Kansas song performance a few weeks ago, I love this girl. I think she might be a lesbian, too.

I've been all about the Cook-man for a few weeks now. I'm getting the sense he may be just slightly in love with himself in an Eddie Vedder kind of way, but he's got it.

Brookie. It's hard to resist that Mormon charm for very long. I mean, even if she really believes in the celestial undergarments, at least the girl is sincere. And sincerity always turns me on.

Over him:

Little Davie. Sure, I'd take him to the prom if I were 16, but I don't really need him as my American Idol. And Simon is right; he was a mess tonight.

Hating them:

I always think dreadlocks probably smell. Plus he lost major points with me for singing that stupid Jeff Buckley song last week; the insidiousness of religious themes in pop music always kind of gives me the heebies. And his little constipated wincing eye movement thing is making me sick. He might be a nice guy, but I want him gone. Now.

Michael Johns. Not to get all Republican about this or anything, but isn't this American Idol? Shouldn't the bylaws require some sort of naturalization process or citizenship test? And thinking about how he probably goes home and makes mad love to himself every night after the show is making me sick. Although I'll admit he wasn't that bad tonight.

The dirty dozen

So tonight the tribes have merged -- wait -- different show. Sorry....

It's time for the top twelve - the one's that will go on tour - to show what they've got. They get to sing from the Lennon/McCartney song book for the first time. These are some of my most favorite songs of all time... hope they do them justice.

Gonna sit here for the next two hours and type my thoughts as they perform. I hope it's worth it...

The new set is gorgeous!!! and HUGE!!!!

Syesha: Got to Get You Into My Life - No umph or sparkle to her song. She is off key. It's OK... I'm kind of bored. She will definitely not be the best of the night... the others will blow her out of the water. Totally forgettable.

Shut up Paula. Go home. Let the real judges judge.

I can't stand the question/answer session at the end of each performance. I want to hear songs - not watch them try to streeeeetttttchhh the show out for two hours.

Cha-queasy: She's a Woman - I hate to admit it, but I really like this! It is probably my favorite performance of his... the high notes were a little iffy, but all in all I thought he did a great job! High energy, fun... loved it!!!

Ryan needs to stop hopping around the stage. But they ARE having fun.

Ramiele: In My Life - She has a beautiful voice, but I just cannot get into her. That was pretty, but dull, dull, dull. Nothing different. I was bored. She may be in trouble.

Paula doesn't look drunk or stoned tonight... hmmm...

Jason: If I Fell - I love him so much -- if I were 12 I would want to be his girlfriend. (is that perverted?) I want him to do something more up tempo and get out from behind the guitar. He needs to mix it up a bit. BUT I really liked the performance. He has such an honest, pure voice. Love him.

"Student in a bedroom at midnight" -- ummm, what Simon? I agree with Simon that he can't do this same type of song week after week... he definitely needs to do something else.

Carly: Come Together - One of my favorites!!! Both the singer and song... let's see what happens. I LOVE HER!!! Damn she sounds good... She is top 4 material for sure. That was fantastic. I would buy anything she put out. She is the rocker of this competition -- Amanda who????

David C.: Eleanor Rigby - I can't watch him sing. I am staring at my computer as he performs; he is -- as one of my friend's says -- a Tool. I could probably listen to a whole CD of his songs, but wouldn't pay a dime to attend a concert. He has such an awesome sound... why does he rub me the wrong way? He's safe this week...

Brooke: Let It Be - Playing the piano; nice touch. This girl has got talent. She may not win the competition, but she could be the Jennifer Hudson of this group. She is fantastic. I really, really like her... not as much as Carly but very close.

David H.: I Saw Her Standing There - Too ship board performance (easy for him to do, huh?) Not impressed at all. Bad choice of song... really bad. I think I'm ready for him to go home. Yawn.

Amanda: You Can't Do That - I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite. She sounds so good, but I don't think she has found "her" song yet. I think she is safe, but won't make the top 4.

I wish Simon and Paula would just screw each other and get it over with... they already fight like an old married couple.

Michael: Across the Universe - He has a great voice and it matched that song completely. I don't think it was his best performance but it was a good one. He's safe... the ladies love him.

Chisty Lee: Eight Days a Week - Another one of my absolute faves but I HATE it as a country song. They made it too cheesy and twangy (is that a word? it is now). That sucked... she needs to leave now just for messing it up so bad. And that last note? Bye bye...

OK - Maybe it's Ryan and Simon that need to screw... sheesh...

David A: We Can Work It Out - Not good to forget or mumble words, David. That definitely was NOT his best performance. Too old for him and he didn't even know it! He is probably safe because of the popularity vote. If he is judged on how well he knows the song -- he's in trouble. He sounded awful!!! Totally off key... horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Who will go? Syesha and Christy Lee... they were the worst this week.

In my opinion, the top four should be Carly, Michael, Brooke and David C. Not necessarily in that order, but they are the most talented folks up there. I know people are picking David A to win - and that could happen - but he doesn't have the showmanship or maturity of these four.