Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Next week I'm voting for Elliott 1000 times

I didn't get to watch the competition last night because we were celebrating Oddrun's birthday. But I watched the results tonight.

First off, George's comment of the evening: "I hate Ryan Seacrest. I want the Taliban to take him."

I missed the first half of the results show because I thought it started at 9:00, not 8:30. Dude, get it together already. Anyway, when I tuned in, the first words I heard out of Ryan's mouth were "Katharine. You are safe."


Elliott, Ace and Bucky landed in the bottom three. Two out of three isn't bad. But Elliott clearly did not belong in that group. Elliott should have been replaced by Katharine, Paris or Kellie. But clearly, as the results of the 2004 election should have shown us anyway, I am squarely out of the American mainstream in so many ways.

Elliott is a nice person, and a great singer. He deserves to be a star. (NB: I have not thoroughly researched his background to find things that may disqualify him from my current adoration, so I reserve the right to change my mind. As with Mandisa.)

Bucky ended up going. Not too soon either. I feel kind of bad for him that I don't like him more. He seems like a nice enough person, but he's just too ugly. I can't look at him anymore. He does a lot of creepy stuff with his legs, with all his deep knee bends and squatting. Makes me uncomfortable. I hope he has a nice life & nice career, but I don't want to have to watch him every week.

This competition is starting to upset me though. I had already decided, after Elliott landed in the bottom three, that if he was the one to go, I would stop watching. Luckily I can continue to tune in for a while longer. But if Elliott, Chris or Taylor go before the rest I will start to get upset. I really don't want Katharine in the final two.

I also fear that there may be a resurgence of support for Ace next week since he was in the bottom three this week. Please help this not happen.

Oh, another quote from George: "Whatever town Bucky comes from in North Carolina, there must be 25,000 people and about 4 last names."

Monday, April 10, 2006

Mandisa ain't no friend of Dorothy!

CP here.
I read on Yahoo! today that Mandisa said she wouldn't sing to support fags & dykes. She's also a pal of some be-otch whose website promotes those stupid Ex-Gay ministry groups.

Well honey, you just eliminated about 50% or more of your fan base!

I had better start researching these things before I speak out too loudly in support of someone.

Now I'm glad she's out of the competition.

(insert raspberry noise)