Thursday, March 08, 2007

Almost Done

In my humble opinion I believe Melinda should win. She improves each time she's up on that stage. She has style and energy and can stay on key and she doesn't have a big ego...yet.

Jordin...good energy...bad song feeling

Antonella...I just don't care for her style

Haley...better this week but why did Simon have to say he didn't know her name

Stephanie...another no feeling singer

LaKisha...very good, made Whitney's song her own. Got a kick out of her cheering section!

Gina...wants to be a hard rocker. She's her own person at least.

But I still think Melinda should win as I said in the beginning.


Dale said...

And so are you voting for her? I'm going to see if I can get her signed up for Extreme Makeover so they can make her look more like a W-O-M-A-N with a N-E-C-K.

Jake's Mom said...

Most of them, men included, need an extreme makeover. But I don't think anyone can give that girl a neck. Unless there is a magical stretching machine no one told me about. And yes she got my vote.

And who got your vote?

Dale said...

I can't officially vote but I'm dig the black girls.

Plus, I love the song Jordin did! Smarten up!

Jake's Mom said...

Touched a nerve did I? We can like different songs and styles without it involving our intelligence.
Don't get so personal.
I did forget that you were in Canada. Glad you like LaKisha amd Melinda.

Dale said...

Smarten up!