Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obviously the crack Idol editing team hasn't been to the midwest

This totally slipped past me.

What a bunch of idiots.

Audition shows suck

There was nothing, not one thing, interesting about the Chicago audition show. Nada. Zip.

Pretty girl from Iowa trying to make her mom feel better since her dad walked out on the family. Let me guess. For a younger woman? New family starting? Quick, honey. Get to Hollywood before they ask you to babysit. And trust me. Even if you win American Idol, your mom isn't going to stop being angry and sad anytime soon. The real question is will she eat or drink her feelings? Though I suppose it's possible she may start exercising obsessively. That happens, too.

Girl who almost died from an asthma attack thinks that qualifies her for American Idol. Wha???? Last I checked, television did not cure breathing problems, but nice try.

And the real tragedy of the night...talented girl who had to leave Hollywood week last year because of unpaid parking tickets. Oh, the humanity! Take that, Blind Scott.