Friday, March 02, 2007

The Really Real Simon-(not really new news)

"Jennifer Hudson said American Idol was a 'stepping stone' for her. Stepping stone? It was her big opportunity to become noticed and she got noticed and she got Dreamgirls," Cowell said, noting that other past contestants "deliberately turn against the show that made them successful. The reason (people) come on the show is because all the doors had been slammed in their face."


Contestants Alaina Alexander, Leslie Hunt, Nicholas Pedro and AJ Tabaldo were voted off and tears were shed. Cowell questioned the sentiment. "Oh, please," he drolled. "My theory is why would you cry if one of your competitors is kicked off? Be delighted. They know the cameras are on. Trust me."

Above are direct quotes from the King of Mean. Who put the turd in his lunch bucket? Does he always have to be so negative? Getting him to be nice would be like nailing Jell-O to a tree. I know that you shouldn't coddle the contestants but I think he feels he must say negative things to bounce off the positive that Paula gushes at times. Very rarely has Simon said anything nice since I have been watching. I have temped in Hell and some of those bosses were nicer than Simon.
Just had to get that out of my system.

Kellie Pickler

It's like she's had plastic surgery to convert herself into Marilyn Monroe. Seriously, she's got a HUGE rack and a girly ass! When did that happen?


This whole vote for the worst thing is... well... the worst. If that is indeed what is keeping the worst people there.

Some things I noticed with the guys:

I think Sanjaya and Sligh had the same necklace on. And Brandon and Phil had the same necklace on.

Sanjaya- now that you have another chance, can you paleeeeeese show us why the judges put you through? And I don't care if you have a stylist, never wear that ensemble again. Never.

Phil- much better and less muppet-like this week.

Brandon- you are such great eye candy, and I really like your voice... please get better, though, so you will be safe against the worst people. And, please talk with your stylist about the pants that were channelling Urkel.

Jared- "Let's Get It On" dedicated to your parents? That's sick, dude.


Some things I noticed with the girls:

I LOVE Gina. If she gets voted off, I hope she kicks someones ass as she's walking off stage or something... that would be awesome.

I have to agree with Simon about Stephanie's "Beyonce-ness". She's gorgeous, and her voice is wonderful... but be yourself girl!

Antonella- The 70's called, and they want their kitchen curtains back.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...tonight the role of Effie White will be shared by Sanjaya Malakar and Antonella Barba.

Sing it ladies:

And I am telling you, I'm not going!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Valerie's View - March 1, 2007

Random thoughts:

Sanjaya stays and AJ leaves? That is wrong on so many levels, I don't even know where to start.

Why is Sundance such a crybaby? Did you notice how often the camera panned to him? Probably because he was the most emotional. He was crying more than the girls!

Here are my choices for those that should be in the final 12 (in no particular order):

Chris Sligh
Chris Richardson
Brandon (if he steps up)

I'm indifferent about the other contestants.


Da Girls

As I said with the boys, the girls also need help with clothes. And I just read from "The Dale", the contestants get stylists. Good. I know the style is tight and to show as much as possible, and this may be my age, but I don't care to look at it. Never did.

Gina..a younger Joan Jett. Sounded like she strained.

Alaina...breathy and off key at times

Lakisha...very good, needs a bit more attitude favorite, reminds me of Nancy Wilson with a little Ella thrown in her disco dress, was off key

Jordin...2nd favorite, very good voice, needs more confidence

Leslie...bluesy Marianne Faithful

Haley...very Whitney but she had fun, liked her attitude key

And before Simon comments on the outfits he should try wearing something other than sweaters and muted colors. Why do I get to comment? I am an older woman who gets to...with age comes privilege.

No f**king way

If you are to believe the DialIdol site...

Stephanie and Gina are going home BEFORE Antonella! AND Sanjay is in second place -- before Chris! America is NUTS... WTF...

I guess we'll see if these predictions are true tonight!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can they do it again?

It is time for the girls. The guys did a great job last night, but were they better than the girls? We'll see!

Gina Glockson: Where did her arm tattoos go? Where they fake or are the covered up with tons of make up? It started off a little rough, but she ended it pretty well. It's hard to hit the notes Heart hits... she did it though.

Alaina Alexander: I couldn't hear her during the chorus -- the background singers were louder than she was. She backed off too much. I liked it, but she didn't do as well as she did last week. She could be in trouble.

Lakisha Jones: I get chills the minute she opens her mouth. She sounds AMAZING! Final two -- Lakisha and Chris. (Of course I haven't heard Melinda yet)

Melinda Doolittle: She needs to fire her designer "Gayle" for putting that outfit together. She looked like a grandmother. She needs to look younger... not older! Her voice was amazing -- of course. Now I'm torn... Lakisha... Melinda... Lakisha... Melinda... I can't think about it. I love them both (but Melinda more). I just wish she'd get a new wardrobe.

Antonella Barba: She needs to go... she needs to pack up her skank ho, nasty self and move back to NJ. That was bad. bad. bad. Buh bye... (I hope) Who knows... maybe the porn thing will work out better for her. She should NEVER, EVER compare herself to Jennifer Hudson! Shame on her!

Jordin Sparks: Started off pretty shaky but she picked it up with the chorus. It's hard to sing Christina, but she did it OK. Not my favorite performance... but she does have a lot of talent. The kid will go far... maybe not in this competition, but we will definitely hear from her in the future.

Stephanie Edwards: I don't know that song, but it felt rushed. I told my hubby that she couldn't blow a song... could I have been wrong? She looked beautiful but that's not what this is about... is it? She held that note beautifully! The judges thought it was terrific (at least 2 out of 3)... was it? I don't know...

Leslie Hunt: She did a great job! MUCH better than last week. Don't know how I feel about the scatting... but all in all I think she may have saved herself from going home. I like her... not as much as Melinda, Lakisha, or Stephanie, but more than the others. I think she's in my middle picks.

Haley Scarnato: Another one of my middle picks. I think she is such a pretty girl and she did a good job with the song. It wasn't the best of the night, but it was better than last week.

I'm sick. sick. sick of Whitney songs though. Let's get original ladies! Quit it with Whitney and Celine. They are overdone and you will NEVER do it better than them. It is a waste of time because the judges will always tell you it wasn't good enough.

Sabrina Sloan: Bleh. Bored. She's pretty but I felt like she was screaming that song at me. Not impressed. Last week was better.

The girls were good, but I didn't see the overwhelming performances like last week. I think they are back on an even playing field with the guys.

Going home: Antonella and Leslie.

Da Boys

I know this is not a clothes contest but I think the contestants need to dress a bit better. The sloppy look is so annoying to me. It seems the guys tried to dress better this time...some of them. That said...
Phil...still my favorite. key
AJ...nothing special
Sanjaya...too Michael Jackson
Chris S...has got a good bluesy voice but that hair, do something better with the hair.
Blake...outfit was terrible but Paula like him...a lot. Singing just OK
Chris the other...not someone I would listen to regularly
Brandon...too nasal and breathy
Sundance...did make me smile because he is so in love with his new baby. He has good pipes.

As an aside I would like to go up and smack that smug look off of Simon's face. I just know he is thinking, "Gee, I hold these kids ego in my hands and I can smash it if I feel in the mood." Maybe not but that is the look on his face as he watches the contestants I think.
Randy at least was giving some positive comments now and then and Paula was just happy to be on TV.

Let's see what the girls will do.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not nearly as bad as I was expecting

CP votes off:

1. Sanjaya
2. Nick

The CP Recap:

Phil Stacey. I thought Phil was great and all Simon can say is "you are a very good karaoke singer." This from the man who brought back Carmen-the-Mormon as his wildcard in Season Two. Get a life.

Jared Cotter. He's "challenging" himself with Marvin Gaye? He's lucky his father didn't murder him too. Was that harsh? Although I did like the egg down the face move. I'd kind of like him to do that to me. Randy thought it was hot, too. And God, Ryan, stop fawning like a school girl.

AJ Tabaldo. Mindy's little muffin of love. Singing Nina Simone. It was ok, but can I just tell you all, Gentle Readers, that CP is about to issue a moratorium on the black-singer glissando? I am OVER it, folks. Every single song in the world does not need that little ornamentation. For cripe's sake.

Sanjaya Malakar. Ok, Simon has not spoken yet, but I'll imagine he'll say it sounds like he was auditioning for a high school musical. There's something about this kid I just can't stand. And I feel bad about it because he seems nice. Good thing I'm not.

(ps: Randy just compared Sanjaya's performance to a bad high school talent show. I should have his job.)

I just realized the strangest thing about Chris Sligh. I have a co-worker who is a good friend and is a strikingly gorgeous woman. And in the oddest way Chris Slight looks just like her, down to the hair. Except that she only has one chin. Anyway, Chris has a nice voice and a nice vibrato. His performance was just slightly "Star Search" tonight, though. Not happy about that.

Nick Pedro. I've hated that "Fever" song ever since Madonna did it. Leave now please. Oh and Simon honey, charisma does not end with an R. PS: Nick, the "Vote for Pedro" joke was funny the first 20 times you said it. Give it a rest.

Blake Lewis. Min and I had pegged him as the possible Mormon contestant, although he surely would have come out with it by now to capture the LDS vote. Blake, I see you trying to convince us you're kind of cute, but hats like that always remind me of Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids.

Brandon Rogers. Aw. Time After Time. That's such a great song, and you were just mediocre at it. You gave it a good shot on that one "I will be waiting!" line, but it was just....flat. Sigh.

Chris Richardson. Yawn.

Sundance Head. You really need a makeover, dude.

It's their second chance

I missed the first 10 minutes of tonight... I was at my son's first play. He did fantastic -- thank you very much....

I don't know if I missed anyone and I'm too lazy to rewind my DVR and watch the beginning. I'll wait til the end -- or a commercial.

Jared Cotter: "Let's get it on" I love this song and he sounds pretty good singing it, too! I can't stand that ol' finger "come on" wave though. Much better than last week.

AJ Tabaldo: That sounded like a broadway performance to me. He has a really nice, smooth voice. SOOO much better than last week. The boys are stepping up!

OK -- I went back during a commercial and watched the first performer - Phil...

Phil Stacey: He always starts off pitchy. Bleh. That was a totally forgettable performance; I liked last week's better. Not impressed - he may be in trouble.

Now. Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Sanjaya Malakar: Very sweet story behind the ring. A pony tail and earrings? Holy cow, is he trying to be his sister? I liked the hat only because it covered up those scary eyebrows. But we have to listen to his singing, right? Hmmm... it was OK. That's it. Just OK.

Chris Sligh: His wife if HAWT! WOW! I don't ususally like ballads, but that was awesome. That boy has such a soulful, clear, amazing voice. I could listen to him sing anything! He is totally safe and will be in the top 4 of this competition.

Nick Pedro: That was a good sound and song for him. He has a smokey, bluesy voice. MUCH better than last week. He's safe. Vote for Pedro.

Blake Lewis: Hate the hat - lose it. Now. He sings songs I don't know very well - if at all. I can't compare them to the original so I have to judge it on his version. I liked this one, but it didn't impress me too much. I liked last week's performance better. He brought out the beat box. I think he'll be safe only because he is a cutie pie and the young girls would sop him up with a biscuit.

Brandon Rogers: I want him to quit moving his hands around so much. I love spastic moves from Taylor... Brandon's aren't as endearing. I didn't really like his performance. I was bored. Very forgettable. He could be in trouble -- even though is a such a hottie! Hopefully he will stay and bring some excitement next week.

Simon is showing his a$$ tonight! Why is he being so ugly about Brandon wishing his dad a happy birthday. Dickhead.

Chris Richardson: Don't like his bobbing and weaving... that gets. on. my. nerves. I don't think Big Mama would like that song -- because she wouldn't know it! She'd say "What the HELL was that, boy? I wanted to hear some Tim McGraw!" (I wrote that before Simon said it -- I swear!) I think he did a good job though - bouncing and all. He's safe.

Sundance Head: Very endearing dedication. He did a great job -- I admit it. He sounded better tonight than I have heard him since his first audition. If he keeps singing like that, I may... may... change my mind about him. As long as I don't have to look at him. That was really good. He's safe.

I am happy that the boys brought it tonight. I think watching the girls last week scared the crap out of them. They knew they had to improve or it would be an all girl final. I still think there is only one guy that can hold a candle to the girls... any guesses?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chris Sly

Did you know that Chris Sligh is a 'Christ-follower and a rock star'? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

His blog posts are down but if you check the link My Illustrious Band on MySpace you'll find him singing his heart out.

One to watch indeed.

On Second Viewing

In the UK, Sunday afternoons are about reruns. Most of the networks air shows that ran earlier in the week, and so it's the perfect opportunity to catch up if you missed something. I'm taking a break from my homework for lunch, and I was flipping channels for something to watch while I ate. They're playing AI again, and since it was the women singing and not those tone-deaf boys I decided to watch this. On second viewing, I've gained these insights:

1) Alaina is a cow. She is incredibly ungracious and full of herself.
2) Lakisha's performance really is as good as I thought. It holds up well to second (and third) viewings and you feel happy for her when she finishes.
3) I am now an AJ Tabaldo fan. Not because of his singing, but because of a camera shot during Lakisha's performance. Most of the time contestants try to look engaged, but are keeping an eye on the camera. AJ was not. He was on his feet, a look of pure joy, flailing his arms about as he whoopped for pure talent. That is a good man. Keep him around.

I now want next week to rid us of Alaina and Antonella from the ladies, and I'm thinking Jared Cotter and Chris Robinson from the men. Or maybe that littel boy with the eyebrows.

I'm ready to commit to Lakisha, Stephanie, Melinda, and Chris Sligh as my top four, with Leslie, AJ, Gina and Jordin in my keep-around file. Blake, Sundance, Nick and Phil round out my top 12, but I have no commitment to them right now, so I could easily turn on them. And if the threaten the safety of any of my babies I'll slit their throats like a chicken.