Saturday, April 28, 2007

Share The Love

Because it's early days in my relationship with Beckeye and I don't want to step out on her, I'm going to test the waters by asking if she's into a threeway with Chancelucky. As long as the dogs don't get to watch, I'm good to go. What?! I'm talking about a blog reading party.

Chancelucky wrote his thoughts on Idol Cares in a brilliant piece that you can find here. He's a consistently thoughtful and artful writer and that's about all you need to know isn't it?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pop Goes The Eye

I hereby officially and openly declare my love of Beckeye at The Pop Eye for her excellent summation of last night's proceedings on Idol Gives Back.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Imagine Melinda the winner.

Jordin's rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone" brought a tear. I think she is an old soul, how else can she have that much feeling and be 17?

I'm glad I have closed captioning because I could not understand a word LaKisha was singing last night.

Blake, Phil and Chris were just bad. Enough said.

I am glad at least some of the money will go for something good. The judges certainly do not deserve the millions they are probably getting for this gig. Randy gushing over Chris was just plain bad. And can Paula ever sit up straight in her chair. I may not agree with all of Simon's critiques but at least he sits up and looks the contestant in the eye. I still think he is a jerk much of the time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Is it me or does anyone else think Blake Lewis looks like Robin Williams....

Careless Whisper

I'm glad it's the phone calls that are raising the money and not the performances.

It was a veritable suckfest with the exception of Chris who learned how not to choose nasally as a style choice and Melinda who's the easy pro of the bunch.

Imagine we could see your teeth when you sing instead of just your Muppet nose Blake. Everyone else was a little Randy Jackson in places tonight.

It was nice to see another side of Simon though, the side that's not afraid to wear the puffy shirt from his Seinfeld box set.

I don't know if I can sit through this...

... but I'm going to try. I think I'm just bored with this year and am ready for it to be over. This is prolonging the agony.

Wow... Simon almost in tears. I never thought I would see that!

Songs that inspire... ***heavy sigh***

Chris: Pitchy at the beginning. At least he's not nasally... Nice ending - as Paula would say "he made it his own".

Melinda: She gives me chills and is, truly, the only reason I keep on watching this year. I'm not crazy about the song choice, but she did a great job (even if at one point I felt like she was yelling). I still love her and think she's a star.

Blake: Imagine is one of my all time favorite songs and I wanted to hate it, but Blake did a good job. He did it respectfully and beautifully. I'm not a huge Blake fan, but I enjoyed it. It wasn't a show stopper. It was nice.

LaKisha: It started off a little shaky, but she held it together. Great job. I even got a few chills. I don't understand what Paula was saying... don't do Fantasia? Comparing Fantasia to Celine, Mariah, and Chaka Khan? I don' think so!

Phil: Nice voice, but boring performance. Is this show not over yet?

Jordin: Fantastic. What more can I say? The best of all six seasons? I wouldn't go that far. Maybe the best of the night, but NOT for six seasons.

I'm inspired to dance when I hear certain songs... I'm inspired to call friends with when I hear songs that remind me of them. Not all inspiring songs are sad, sappy, or slow. I understand the message that AI is trying to convey, but tonight was kind of, I don't know, sad. Depressing. Heartwrenching. Am I wrong? I was depressed tonight, but it was SO nice watching the show without cringing or wishing I was watching something else.

Praise the heavens that Sanjaya is GONE! Now if only his 15 minutes were completely up... and I didn't have to see him on the talk shows. Go AWAY!

Bottom Three: Phil, LaKisha, and Chris.

Buh-bye, Phil.