Thursday, February 10, 2011

Norman? No More, Man!

Norman Gentle is from a few seasons back. I don't know which; they all bleed together. But he's over there to your right looking very earnest in his headband. But his time has come; so says Coaster Punchman, who has been dragged back to Blogtopia kicking and screaming.

Let's find a new mascot, shall we? Remember to vote for your favorite (in the comments) so he/she doesn't get sent to obscurity. American Idolatry.

The Chosen One: An Original Recipe Bucket 'O Dysfunction + Lambertesque Vocals

The Monkey: A Portrait of Misplaced Whimsy

Idolus Prime: Gone In 60 Seconds

Howler: Earnestness Via 'Nad Squeezing

Medusa Ladyman: Doing His Best To Look Like Paula Abdul

The Snakeman: The Best in Jaw Dislocation

The Wanderer: All who wander are not lost...but this one probably is

The Yogakranian: I would feel better knowing where she was at all times so I could protect my vital organs

Place your votes in the comments. If my spammer friend out comments you, I'm going with the Yogakranian.

Flannery out.

Phew! The Auditions Are Over!

I heart Drew Beaumier, so clever. Too bad his catalytic converter interfered with his vocals

Bring on Hollywood so I can forget these people some more.