Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gossip News

I'm here at home for the next month recovering from surgery and have nothing better to do then find stupid shit like the following. I only have one question. Didn't Frenchie get kicked off AI 4 years ago for the same thing???

Idol Bares All - American Idol Antonella Barba has reached a new level of fame. "Friends" of Barba released explicit photos of her over the internet. Fox was quick to glom onto the story which boosted ratings for the Fox show American Idol as well as boosting Antonella's votes on the show. The sultry songstress bared her bum and then some. Since the release of the pictures, Antonella has acquired a new male fan base. Even though her performances haven't improved her vote tallies have. Antonella's new found internet popularity has the phones ringing off the hook. The votes are in and the public wants to see even more of Antonella.. These pictures are hot and do not leave anything to the imagination. Skandalicious!


Dale said...

or skankalicious!

Anonymous said...

I like the gossip, so bring it on.

She should be out of this competition one way or another.