Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Here we go again...

It's Tuesday night and time to rock... well... maybe. I just do NOT look forward to the guy's performances. Isn't that sad?

Eight left... we vote it down to six and then they mix it up.

Here we go!

Blake: I loved Jimmy Walker Blue! He gets better and better each week. That was awesome! He does need someone to help him dress, though. He looks too sloppy. Plus I think he needs to tone down the beat boxing... getting a little old. The vocals were fantastic though! He's safe.

Sanjaya: What' s up with his hair?! Is he trying to look like his sister? I'm not surprised at all that the boy can hula... sissy. Go home. Now. Pretty please. With sugar on top. You do not deserve to be in the top 12. Yawn. Bye.

Did you notice the audience didn't boo when the three judges said it wasn't that good. Hello?! America?! Are you listening? The boy needs. to. go. home.

Sundance: He trimmed his beard and spiked his hair... the physical transformation begins. That was pretty good. He isn't the best guy in the competition but it was worth listening too. I think he's going to be in the top 12.

Chris R: At least he's not bopping around tonight, but he sounds like crap. Very pitchy. He needs to stick with the faster stuff. His runs were bad. Real bad. Tonight was a really bad performance... he's sounded better. Randy liked it? Paula liked it? Simon said it was good? I don't agree. I thought it sucked.

Jared: Stevie in argyle... the look doesn't work. And the faces were even worse. I didn't watch much of his performance. I wanted to see if I could "hear" him on a CD... I think I could. I agree with Paula though... he needs to mix it up. It was a safe performance and he didn't add his personality to it.

Brandon: That is one talented guy. He can sing AND play classical piano. He's slowly moving up my favorites list. He should be in the top 12... maybe even the top 10. I do want him to remove his lips from the microphone though. That was a bit disturbing. ;) Now Phil has to come up and put his mouth close to the same mike. Ick...

Phil: As usual... he starts off like crap and then gets comfortable. Tonight was bad though. He was pitchy, sounded a bit off, and screamed the ending. Nope. Didn't like it. I didn't like the Bing Crosby hat either. He may be in trouble this week. It wouldn't surprise me.

Chris S: If a guy wins this competition it will be Chris. All the other guys need to just pack their bags and fly home. He is awesome! Lisp and all.

I think the guys were awful tonight -- with the exception of one or two. This was almost as bad as the first night.

Going home: Sanjaya (PLEASE) and Phil or Jared.

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Coaster Punchman said...

I agree that all the guys sucked last night, except (IMHO) Blake. And he needs a bath.