Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another sign of the apocalypse

How is it possible that Kara sucks more at the beginning of this season than she did at the end of last?

You'd think that, after listening to her banging on about, "feelin' it" and vapidly suggesting that every contestant who has just finished singing, "can Really SING," my contempt at the end of last season would have abated and I'd find her merely silly and a bit stupid. But the power of Kara is's like the finale was just last week, and I want to climb in the television and beat her senseless all over again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There's Something About Paula

I'm a big fan of MommaContin, so I'm sorry she won't be participating this season. It'll be interesting to see how that dynamic flies. Ellen's okay, I suppose, but her fake sunshiney happiness makes me see blood.

Should we start a Paula Petition, or something? I'm too lazy.


Hey, another season of Idol starts tonight! Who's in?