Wednesday, April 02, 2008


When Ryan said to Ramiele "you can stand here proudly" I half expected her to say "but I am standing". She won me with that Dusty Springfield number back in the early 90s when this season started but lost me shortly afterward. Bye bye baby.

Good to know that whoever's in charge of Brooke's microphone is now also on Dolly Parton's payroll. Dolly, you know I love ya but if you wouldn't mind? Shut the hell up!! It's only an hour show!

Who says there isn't anything more terrifying than David Cook's half formed twin forehead? That 3 man string band ruined This Little Light Of Mine with their crazy pickin' and lack of grinnin' and neither Jesus or I will ever forgive them for it. I also believe the singer was wearing David's old bangs.

I remain impressed that the only person rolling their eyes through those awful Brady Bunch song and dance numbers the 'kids' are forced into seems to be me. That said, 9 to 5 may have been their strongest yet. I enjoyed the shilling for Ford commercial too so I'm not sure what that says about me. You'll think of something.

If I could fast forward, I'd dump Syesha, David Artichokeletta, GoldiDreadlocks and put the rest of them in a cage to see what happens.

So where are we?

This is Jason. He bugged me at first, but now I like him. I think Beckeye is right about his case of the munchies. I like snacks too so that's OK by me.

Ok team, we have not seen a lot of posting recently. Why is that? I think this season is one of the best yet. Even the suckiest of them (Ramitello, Krusty Lee and Diareesha) are not nearly as sucky as the suckiest of years past. They should be this week's bottom 3.

I think I'm narrowing in on my favorites: David Cook, Jason, and Brooke.

Michael Johns will be a threat to my top three. I would consider trading Brooke for him, but something about his mad love for himself turns me off. He mentioned last week that he is extremely competitive, and I was not surprised because that is totally the vibe I pick up from him. Sure, he's pretty, but I get the feeling his inner asshole is quite large.

David Ahhhhhhchooo!-letta will also be a problem. The kid can sing. But that's what he is: a SINGER. I don't see him as a rock star or an American Idol. But hey, if it will actually get him away from his father and that God forsaken cult he belongs to, I'm in - if only for his sake.

This leaves Carly. Not sure where she fits in here, but it doesn't matter because she won't be far behind my bottom 3.