Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Can someone please tell me why this Robin Thicke dude is so popular? He sings like someone is squeezing his balls... and the song just, basically, sucks.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dead or Alive?

Quite a night! Jon Bon Jovi rocks the soccer mom highlights like no other!

It was fun seeing return of the Phil and the Phil's sweaty chemo head - excellent work man. I need you to keep sucking up for the squirm inducing goodness.

Lakisha was the best she's been since her big Jennifer Hudson barnburner way back. And she looked great, even when she squatted for the big note!

I was prepared to hate it but I couldn't, Blake, you beatoffboxed your way to brilliance. Taking a song with such an indelible sound and changing it up could have been disaster but I ate that shit up.

--------Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we're halfway there----------

Now. Jordin, you were great on the chorus but nowhere else. My Paula moment: You looked pretty! But whose idea was it to put your big Amazon self in between those guitarists from the shire?

That was not Tina Turneresque, that was Melinda Doolittlelike. Not bad but not great. Tonight, you were no Lakisha.

Chris, you fell off the horse in your interview question, all through that song and with the look on your face when Simon opened his mouth. Bye bye baby bye bye.

My favourite part of any show is when Randy says 'you blew it out the box'. Keep saying that forever Randy, I love the imagery.

My kind of night... Let's ROCK!

Can I tell you how much I LOVE Bon Jovi? They were one of my first favorite hair bands. I actually saw them open for Ratt -- before they were infamous. Oh the nights I've spent listening to their songs, drinking with my friends and chilling. They just flat out rock.

I'm just going to make a blanket statement... I LOVE this song... I would wind up saying that for all the songs we hear tonight.

Let's see what happens...

Phil: Blaze of Glory -- WOW! That has to be his best performance ever. He's no Chris Daughtery or Jon Bon Jovi for that matter, but he did great! I even liked the get up he had on. He hung up the muppet look for the night.

Jordin: Livin' on a Prayer -- Not her best. I think she picked something too big for her. Shakey at the beginning but she did a great job with the chorus. I didn't like the Diana Ross hair either. Probably her weakest performance in a while. She's probably safe... but it may put her in the bottom.

LaKisha: This Ain't a Love Song -- Not a "known" song, so it sounded original. She sounded great. It was a good choice for her. She could release that one and it would be at the top of the charts. She looked freakin' ANGRY. But it was a great performance. She's safe.

Blake: You Give Love a Bad Name -- God I hope he doesn't beat box to this song! And what's up with the dark hair? I understand wanting to be original and wanting to make it your own -- BUT -- don't ruin it by spitting in the microphone. I agree with Jon... this is a singing competition... not beat box. I KNOW that is what he is all about, but come on! When he sang, he sang well -- I just can't stand the other stuff he did. The judges loved it... I didn't. I guess I'm a purist and very protective of the songs I love.

Chris: Wanted Dead or Alive -- Such a tough song. He doesn't have the gravelly sound you need for this song. I don't see Chris driving a Harley and being a bad guy... he's more of a souped up, rice burner type of kid... know what I mean? I didn't like it. He needs to be the next to go. I agree with Simon - he did the best he could possibly do.

Melinda: Have a Nice Day -- For someone that isn't a rocker she did a great job. You can tell she wasn't too comfortable with it, but I think she was awesome! LaKisha beat her in this round, but she will still be safe.

Loved tonight!

Bottom two? Chris and Blake.... Buh bye, Chris.