Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This year's theme

I've got it! This year, Simon and the gang are looking for the new Winehouse/Feist/Duffy/Adele sound-alike to cash in on the husky voiced soulstress craze. This is going to really annoy me.

And FYI to trampy Mormon girl in the layered wife-beaters:  Just because you had a baby, it does NOT follow that you can now be the American Idol.  If that were true, that chick in California that just birthed eight would totally kick your sorry ass.

It's Mormon Night!

Crazy Horses! It's Mormon night on American Idol, and we start out with an actual singing Osmond. With MS no less! This is going to be good.

Welcome to Utah! The friendliest place on earth! Unless you happen to be gay, in which case we'll marry your dead relatives to each other, but we want nothing to do with you. You better watch your back, Ryan.