Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Night Idol - The Girls

I don't much care for Ryan in a turtleneck, and those jeans make him look like he has girl hips. And I think Simon was onto something when he suggested that Sangaya was trying to become Paula Abdul. He looks more like her tonight than he did last night. That's creepy.

Jordan - She's like some mammoth Amazon teenager. She's beautiful, she has a great voice, and she's a sturdy-built monster. Be careful Ryan. She can snap your wannie little neck in two if you piss her off. I love Jordan. She's fabulous.

Sabrina - If you hadn't gone this week, you would have gone soon. Think of it this way. You'll get the grieving over with now.

Jersey Skank Ho - She couldn't have been worse if she'd tried. She was as bad as the people they ridicule in auditions. I hate her, and I feel sorry for her. Actually, no. Now that she's talking she is completely delusional and full of herself. She sounds like her nasty friend from auditions. THANK GOD you went home. I hear she has a career ahead of her as a Girl Gone Wild, so she'll be fine.

Hayley - Even I think I'm at some hotel bar listening to you. I feel like I should water down my martini. I must admit, Sabrina should have stayed instead of you.

Stephanie - Wow. Even when she was three she was better than JSH. Another great dress. I don't think she even needs a stylist. This is actually not her best performance. The opening was set too low for her so she could get to the top of the range. Even when she's not her best she's still good, though.

Lakisha - I agree with you all....Whitney Houston songs should not be allowed anymore. That said, she is making this song bearable, and which is a chore as far as I'm concerned. It shocks me how much talent she has. I think Ryan and Simon are struggling with their sexual longing for Lakisha. Simon hates fat people and Ryan is gay, so neither understand what is happening.

Gina - Now THIS is what I expected from Gina. And she's kicking ass doing it, as well. Learn your lesson, Gina. Do this, and you can be a female Chris Daughtry.

Melinda - I like her more now that she's justifying OCD. Oh my GOD! She's singing the Charlie commercial!!!!! I'm not sure she can turn her head to the side, but she's got an incredible voice. I'm a fan.


Dale said...

Yes, they should ban Whitney, Maria, Celine and the gang.

I laughed like Lakisha would have at your comments.

And I love the way you love Jordin but refuse to spell her name properly Mulanda June. Good thing she's sweet. Like me.

Melinda June said...

If she's going to be famous, she needs to learn to spell, bless her.

BeckEye said...

They shouldn't allow Mariah or Journey songs anymore, just so Randy couldn't blather on about how he knows them both intimately.

Melinda June said...

FYI to readers, I was drunk and made an error. Melinda sang the enjolie commercial.