Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Elliott Yamin

Thanks to People magazine, I know that a) Elliott Yamin got veneers to replace his less than perfect teeth, and b) he has a record deal with Sony and will be releasing an album later this year.

I have mixed feelings about the teeth...I kind of liked the old ones because they gave his face character, but as long as he can still sing it's not my business. And the album, well, I will be pre-ordering it on Amazon because I LOVE ELLIOTT YAMIN.

It's that time again!

It's only a few days until American Idol is on it's way! WHOOPEE!!!!

If you would like to join CP and me in providing editorial content for this site, please let us know. We'll require a 10 - 50 word audition entry either: a) comparing and contrasting Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson's performances in Dreamgirls; b) discussing Katherine McPhee's dance moves; c) elaborating upon the Mormon block voting and the harm it does in weeks 1 - 7 of each competition; or d) explaining who is your favourite idol contestant and why.

Let the games begin!