Sunday, March 19, 2006


So I have to say, I'm torn. By the time we're at 12 left, I have pretty much selected my winner and I don't change my opinion. I can always give you my top three. But this year is different.

I can't narrow it down beyond five. There are a few easy eliminations...Kevin is a warbler and drives me to drink, and Ace is like every conceited nature-boy in the PNW so the sky will be bluer when he's gone. Bucky and Kelli are inbred, bless them, and their redneck ways are too much for me. Lisa is a Whitney Houston fan so she needs to pay, and Katherine is good and all but she's a little too Molly-Shannon for my taste.

That leaves us with:

Taylor: Spastic weirdo...I LOVE him. He is the best Idol contestant ever, if only because he's fun to watch.

Mandisa: Kicks ass. End of story.

Paris: She's got sparkle and vitality and a killer voice. I love her.

Elliott: Style, grace, and really good voice. I want him to do well, and I find him endearing.

Chris: He's the sexiest by far, and he's a great performer.

How do you possibly choose?