Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feb 28 & March 1

This is the first week I've watched this season. Thankfully, it is already 100 times better than the dregs we had to put up with last year. I feel kind of bad for Carrie Whatshername (the current reining Idol) because she was basically the best alternative to not having an AI at all. (At least in the eyes of some; if you ask me, I would've rather had Anita Bryant.)

Frontrunners among the men are Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin. Elliott is the better singer, but Chris is better looking and has stage presence.

Ace, David & Jose will be gone soon enough. In other predictions, Bucky will sleep with his first cousin, and David will *finally* be able to take his boyfriend to the prom. Kevin will get beat up and have his lunch money stolen, while Will will take a third wife to get to a higher level of heaven. (Yes, it always comes back to the Mormons!)

Too bad they can only kick off one per week.

On the girls' side, we're clearly looking at a competition between Paris & Mandisa. No question there, unless America screws up like it did that one time that the three best women on Season 3 got put in the bottom 3. That sucked. This year, if there is a God, Kinnik and Brenna will be gone by the end of March.

Or sooner if he's a god of compassion.

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