Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Yaminion Pledge

Everyone, say it together:

I, __________, being of sound mind, discerning ears and impeccable musical taste, do hereby pledge to power vote for Elliott Yamin, as long as I'm allowed by the AI phone lines. Neither busy signals, incomplete calls nor calls of nature will deter me from my objective. I will press the redial button with gusto and purpose, and will work dilligently to improve my calls-per-minute average throughout the evening. I will do my best to ensure that the soulful voice of Elliott will continue to be heard each and every Tuesday night, 8 ET/7 CT for as long as possible.

This is my solumn vow.

Thanks to the Yaminions Website for posting this pledge!

Ok, I decided to stop being mean to Katharine

The girl seems nice enough. I don't want her to win, but I think I'll stop calling her a tramp and using expletives next to her name.

I read her questionnaire on the Idol website, and I like how she's the only one (of the bio's I've read) who said that she would thank the FANS if she won, not God.

Not that I have anything against thanking God, but I feel that's something for behind closed doors. People really need to stop flouting that they will thank God to get the Kristian vote. It's annoying.

So anyway, Katharine, I wish you the best. But I'd still rather have one of my boys win, because as I've mentioned repeatedly, we already have a Kelly Clarkson. We don't have an Elliott.


Elliott is still in the game, but barely. I fear he will go next week.

That damn Katharine has NEVER been in the bottom 3. Grrrr.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing her go home next week, leaving my 3 boys. Ok, there may be a few things that would make me happier. But not many.

I feel bad for Paris that she had to go tonight, but she was the logical choice. She's a nice girl and she'll be back, somewhere, somehow.

I'm holding my breath tonight

I missed AI last week, but luckily got to see the perfomances last night. We're down to five now, and my three boys are still in the running. Chris, Elliott and Taylor.

Paris & Katharine should both go. But, I fear America has a love affair with Katharine.

I suspect tonight might be goodbye for Paris, but it could be Elliott, which pains me greatly. I hereby vow to purchase any releases that Elliott puts out. If I was not able to save him by obsessive repeat-dial voting, I will do whatever I can to bolster his career. Face it - if you've made it this far on Idol, you're bascially already a c-list celebrity. You could do much worse for yourself in life. I mean, for God's sake, look at Kimberly Whatsherblondface from Season Two - she's still doing TV-Guide Channel AI coverage. I don't know how much that pays, but it's sure as hell more fun than, and almost inevitably pays more than, my crappy job where I bust my ass.

As I've said before, I really fear this competition will come down to Chris and Katharine. If that happens, it will be just like season one where it came down to one talent (Kelly) and one heartthrob (Justin) - except that this time the genders are reversed. Chris will be the talent, and Katharine will be the heartthrob. I can only cross my fingers that America will get it right and not let Katharine win.

That's why I want so badly for her to go now. I don't want it to come to that.