Thursday, March 04, 2010

Danny Gokey appears on Idol! And his new single is either:

a) a slap in the face to his dead wife (I loved you but you died so I'm going to go find something better!)
b) a blatant pander to his Christian Cougar voting base in hopes of beating Adam and Kris on the Billboard charts (seriously,'re not even 30 yet so why are you singing about how age is just a number?)
c) a happy combination of both.

Danny Gokey. All class. All the time. Oh. And guess what you're getting for you next birthday, CP.

Committed, part 2

Wow. The girls pose a problem for me. Although Simon has said he thinks it's a girl's contest this year I definitely disagree. I can't give you three, let alone six, that I like.

I'm on board with my two faves - Crystal Bowersox and Katelyn Epperly.

Beyond that, hmmm.

I guess I'll say yes to Siobhan Magnus after all. And I still don't hate Paige Miles so much that I fast forward the Tivo when she sings, so she can stay.

Two more. Yikes.

Which is worse? Crapping your pants or puking on your shirt?

Lilly Scott lived in her car. Let's keep her so she has a bed and a shower for a few weeks before she goes back to busking.

The rest I think I'll throw to the gods. If they toss it back and make me pick a sixth, I guess I'll take that waitress with the blonde hair, but I'm hoping I'll figure out that the gods are calling and screen the call.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I'm ready to commit

Mike Lynche. Casey James. Andrew Garcia. Lee Dewyze. Four square fan.

Alex Lambert needs a haircut, but if he ditches the mullet I am tentatively on board.

Aaron Kelly, I've decided to support you even though you sang, "My Girl." I have to pick six boys so you can be one of them. You should say a little prayer of thanks for Jermaine and Todrick.