Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Night Reruns

So in the UK, they compile the week's shows, they air them on Friday, and I tivo them and watch them when I can.

I was prepared for bad after reading all of your posts, but goodness, words really don't explain this, do they?

I've just made it through MSP. My favourites are the cowardly lion and the cute little lesbian in the tie who forgot the lyrics to "Kiss" and just kept stammering about how women and girls rule her world. For like five minutes.

This is some classic television, my friends. Made even better by all that Minnesota accent.

Having lived in both MSP and Seattle, I'm figuring if the Twin Cities had this many freaks, then the Seattle show must take place under a big striped tent.

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Jake's Mom said...

Makes me eager to see what Memphis has to offer.