Thursday, January 18, 2007

Don't Sing it.. BRING IT!

I'm so bad, I never remember (or write down) anyones name.

Here are my notes from Seattle...

Uncle Sam- I Shot the Sheriff dude from last season. Still not good. God Bless America

The Hotness? Angelina called, she wants her lips back (they look horrible on you anyway). If Simon's opinion doesn't matter, why are you here?

Drawn on eyebrow girl- you suck, and it's not because you have a cold. Water is not a cure-all.

Meesha- horribly burned bleached hair. Please get a fuckin' bra. Pussycat Dolls???

Parents, I know you want to be supportive, but please tell your kids if they suck, okay?

Thomas Daniels- slept behind trashcans. Reminded me of a hobo clown. Great voice, why was he rejected twice?

Nick Zitzman- king of the geeks. Simon needs new insults. Is he wearing a calculator watch?

After day 1 we hear "You Had a Bad Day". I was really hoping I wouldn't have to hear that song again.

Bush Baby- Tearin' Up My Heart. He's been compared to Justin Timberlake. I bet he'll bring sexy back.

Jordan Sparks- great voice, and perfect name for a star.

Big Red- Don't sing it... just bring it! I like how they called his song Bohemian Crapsody.

Of course there were others, but it was really hard for me to get through this episode. I hope next week is better.

Good luck Memphis!!


Bubs said...

What do you mean, you hope next week is "better"? How can it get better than this? The endless parade of non-talented, delusional oddballs. It's perfect!

My favorite quote from Simon, and I'm not sure if it was Wednesday or Tuesday night, was

"This is almost as bad as it can possibly get."

Dale said...

Just the sexiest bunch ever. God has blessed us all.