Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tonight at 8:00: Special Idols!

Poor George thinks Fox should put on a program akin to the Special Olympics called "Special Idols." The best part is that they can just use the contestants they already have.

I haven't felt so uninspired by a group of "singers" since Season 4. Lord, let's hope the girls are better tomorrow night.

I can only barely begin to explain how all five of my senses were offended by most of tonight's performances. Until Chris Sligh came on, I had decided I would be reduced to voting for the Asian kid just to show some loyalty to my husband's people. But I liked Chris, and he seemed like a cool enough kid, though Lord knows he doesn't look the part. But hey, if Bo Bice could make the finals, so can he. And he doesn't sing God-awful "Blood Sweat & Beers" songs like Mr. Bice.

If tomorrow doesn't improve the talent pool significantly, I may have to drop out, folks. There's only so much a man can take.


Dale said...

I'd vote for poor George without hearing him sing before the barefoot and pregnant guy.

Valerie said...

I was going to vote for Paul Kim because I know two people with the same name. Is that name common, or what?

I liked Chris Sligh too.

It's Wed. morning and nobody's performance sticks out in my mind, really.

There's always tonight!

Jake's Mom said...

You talked me into to doing this for therapy, you darn well better stay!!! Special Idols...good one PG.