Wednesday, February 21, 2007

That's hour I will never get back

12 "men", 11 bland, 1 hour I won't get price is enough.

Thankfully I had it on DVR so I didn't have to listen to all the none sense talking. Plus I like to judge for myself without listening to Randy, Paula and Simon putting in their 1 cent.

The only one I thought was OK was Phil, the last contestant. Mr Baldy, whose wife/girlfriend looked adoringly from the audience the entire time he was singing. This had nothing to do with me liking his singing, I just found myself wondering that if he "made it" will he stick with her or will he think that there is greener grass somewhere else as seems to be the tradition in Hollywood. Get famous...trash everything in your past. But I did like his voice, he had feeling.

I did think the target on Rudy's t-shirt was funny. Why didn't the stars that Brandon sang back-up for help him, why does he have to do Idol? I like that Sundance cleaned up his attire, Paul barefoot???Couldn't he find something else to make a statement??! So many tonight sounded off key. AJ was the only one that looked like he was having fun. Relaxed. Kind of like, OK if I make it, just glad to be here.

Hope the girls give a better performance.


Dale said...

What did you do for the second hour?

The emblem on his t-shirt looked a lot like the Royal Canadian Air Force symbol.

Jake's Mom said...

Thanks for the correction. I guess fast forwarding made it an hour to me. And that was long enough. Not knowing the RCAF symbol, I give you that one. Still looks like target to me.

Dale said...

Haha, it does look like a target, we're not the brightest group always up here you know.