Thursday, February 22, 2007

The ladies are doin' it for themselves

Thank God for tonight's recovery. I was worried about the future of the series after that debacle the men showed us last night.

My picks for the ladies' top 6 (in no particular order)

* Sabrina. I thought it was funny how she made a big point about NOT doing a ballad because they don't work for anyone - and then following her, that train wreck Antonella did a ballad - and sucked all the way through it.

* Jordin. Way to belt out a Tracy Chapman. Poor George called her ghetto chic.

* Stephanie. She gets brownie points for opening the show with a number that convinced me I don't need to stop watching....yet.

* Melinda. I agree with Marni that she is a favorite. She's the one I'm going to favor for a while.

* Gina. Another favorite of mine. I loved her voice and I think she really cranked that "Go Fuck Yourself" song that I hate so much. But she belted every bit as good as Celine (who only learned English about two weeks ago, or so I hear.)

* Lakisha. She was great, but I'm not sure I trust her. She has a little too much Mandisa in her and we all know how that ended up (showing her true colors after getting voted off.) Plus, I think she was just aping Jennifer Hudson on that song. The jury is out on her as far as I'm concerned.

My Als0-Ran: the crazy looking Holly Hunter-looking girl. She was just enough of a spaz to create "Taylor Lite." I think the judges fucked with her too much and now she won't know which way to turn her head. She might end up looking like one of those bobble-head dolls people put in their car windows. That can only be .... bad?

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Dale said...

Holly Hunter made a bad decision on trying that song out didn't she?

Gina I loved too but didn't think she was as good as she thought she was.

And I loved the JHud imitation by Lakisha. Good call on the shades of Mandisa caution though. You never ever know.