Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The men all pause

It's time for the women to perform. If they suck as bad as the guys I don't think I'll be able to watch any more. Last night was painful... I hope tonight is better.

I will once again be typing as the performances are happening... that is why it sounds so jumpy. I hope it makes sense!

Here we go!

Stephanie Edwards: The first female singer blows every single guy out of the water. Gotta love a Georgia girl! What a beautiful voice, face, and personality. Love her!!!!!!! Top 10!

Amy Krebs: She sings a little nasally (is that a word?)... she did OK. A few missed notes. Still better than the boys. I have to agree with Simon -she doesn't "stand out"

Leslie Hunt: She's a dog walker and according to her "quick facts" on the Idol page she has lupus. I'm a sucker for red-headed men... and I like her, too! There is room for improvement, but she was better than Amy! I do want her to get rid of the head jerks... THAT gets on my nerves. Definitely top 12.

Sabrina Sloan: Don't like her poodle hair - isn't that sad? She does have a nice voice, though. She may have moved to my number one spot in front of Stephanie. GREAT job! I hope they straighten her hair.

Antonella Barba: She's gone. Yuck. Nasally, off pitch... horrible. The only thing that could possibly save her is her looks, but even that may not help. Simon said he doubts she will remain this week and I totally agree. I wonder if her BFF has forgiven her yet? Will she be waiting at the airport when she gets home?

Jordin Sparks: Another poodle... great. She has such a pretty face and I do like her voice; a lot of control and maturity in it. She did a fantastic job! She's top 10.

Nicole Tranquillo: She's a plain Jane isn't she? With a voice to match! Gotta go... tomorrow night. Not impressed at. all. Too much screaming to cover up her lack of singing talent. The judges say that she can sing, but I didn't hear it. I needed a tranquilizer to get through that one...

Haley Scarnato: Do you get the Katherine McPhee vibe from her? Not voice wise, but her look? A little pitchy and shaky. She's not the best. If she doesn't go home tomorrow she will be gone next week. I still think she did better than Antonella and Nicole.

Melinda Doolittle: She always looks like her shoulders are bunched up around her neck. It makes her look silly and awkward, but my gosh does she have a voice! Ok... forget what I've said before... Melinda is MY NUMBER ONE female. I love her. She is AWESOME. She will be in the finals -- and may win this whole thing.

Alaina Alexander: Bleh. Not impressed. I don't think she's very good. Only heard a couple of notes in tune. Maybe she should go.

Gina Glockson: I think she has an attitude and I'm still not sure if I like her. She picked a great song and held that long note better than I could have! She's safe for this week... I'm interested to see what else she has in her. Top 12.

Lakisha Jones: I love it when a "big girl" shows up the skinny little brats. Lakisha did just that. She has some amazing pipes! I loved. loved. loved her performance! She is full of peronality... Brionne should be so proud of her mama! She may give Melinda a run for her money! I think it was the first performance that I saw Simon smile afterwards. He looked so smug. "Jennifer Hudson watch out!" indeed.

So who's going home from the ladies? Antonella and Alaina.

Before last night I predicted a guy would win this competition. After tonight I have changed my mind. We are gonna have a woman win and I'm putting my money on Melinda. If I had to pick a guy, it would be either Chris Sligh, Blake Lewis or Jared Cotter. (I can't decide between them). But it WILL be one of the ladies.

What a great night!


n.v. said...

I think Alaina will stay 'cause she's pretty. Kreb will disappear instead. Yay! Although I can't wait to see Alaina crash down in a hail of humilation, too.

Antonella is clearly a cunt. Bye, bitch!

Coaster Punchman said...

I agree with almost all your takes tonight.