Friday, February 23, 2007

Vote Early, Vote Often

I was reading Chancelucky's blog and he mentioned in a comment that there is a site called Vote For The Worst. Hilarious and it possibly explains Antonella's staying power.

They mentioned on the big show last night that Stony Bennett and Martina McBride are going to be on helping to coach the kids this year. Let's hope they get to Tony early as he seemed a little befuddled when he helped out on Canadian Idol last season. Martina helped the Canadian kids too last season. She was less befuddled.

That is all.


Coaster Punchman said...

The Vote for the Worst people certainly have a point. It certainly seemed to work during Season 4.

I enjoyed this little tidbit from their site.

Jake's Mom said...

I came into this late as in seasons late.CP talked me into 'Judging the Idols' as therapy for my grieving the loss of my only child in Iraq. And if CP wasn't my little brother I'd have to kick him in the butt but Mom would be mad if I punched him in the knee (6'4" vs 5'4")All I have seen is wanna be's, has be's and shouldn't be's. CP told me Hollywood would be better. I am counting on your witty remarks Dale to help me through. If this is the future of what Hollywood has to offer, we'll be in the dumper. Or else I have the wrong slant on this and I am suppose to be laughing and the contestants are intentionally bad!!

Dale said...

I think you should start dialing to keep Antonella in the competition Jake's Mom and we'll all love you and hate her.

And you must stop whizzing by the commentary/judging. How else will you know how stoned Paula is, how talentless Randy is and how glorious and hideous Simon is (but he's unerring generally)? And you can help decide whether Ryan's gay or not. None of this matters of course but it's fun. Now shutup and sing.