Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Two more hours...

Two hours... my goodness. Can I sit through it? I guess I'm going to have to. Even though the LAST one I want to see is Michael Jackson, Jr. Ick.

Here we go...

Why are the dressing Ryan in suits these days? Is he too good for jeans and t-shirts now? Jerk.

Diana Ross... nice. She is so classy. I hope the contestants can do her songs justice. That is going to be pretty darn hard though.

Brandon: He looks comfortable on the stage, but the song sounds like he's one of those infamous cruise ship performers. I do like him, though. Oh crap! He forgot some words... BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!! You cannot do that at this point in the game.

Melinda: She looks SO nervous! A nervous grandmother... god... put her in her sweats and tennis shoes so she would be more comfortable. BUT THAT VOICE! She is absolutely amazing. If she doesn't win this competition... I just can't fathom that. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

OH, Paula. You are pathetic. Wipe your tears and get off the drugs. What a joke. She knows all about "out of body experiences"...

Chris: I don't think Diana liked his version of Endless Love... I don't know if I liked it either. Guess I'm a traditional girl. Would I buy the CD if it were released on it... probably. Would I skip by this particular song when it came on... probably. Still like his voice, but I didn't like him tonight. He's still safe because of who he is -- maybe.

Gina: She is really growing on me. I like her look... don't know how much I like this song though. It didn't have a lot of energy. I agree with Paula. She is much better than she sounded tonight. It wasn't her best.

Michael Jackson, Jr: He is SO boring. Is he channeling Justin Guarini from season one? WHY is he still here? Why is Sundance gone? Did he get a perm? I can't watch. I'm going to change the channel until he's done.

OK. I'm back.

Hayley: Yawn. Pitchy... and did she mess up the words, too? The middle of the song sucked. Let me take that back... everything about it sucked... she is in the running for the bottom along with Sanj --er-- MJ Jr.

Phil: Lounge lizard. Once again he started off shaky but got stronger at the chorus. He can't do that! He has to be strong from the get go... He can hold those notes, though. He's safe even though he didn't bring any energy or ooomph to the song.

Lakisha: She will be the runner up this year. (Unless something strange happens to her or Melinda -- like getting voted off before MJ Jr.) She has a beautiful voice and star potential. Loved that performance.

Blake: This is my favorite Diana Ross song... I love his vocals, but hate the dancing. If they wouldn't show his feet I could handle it a little better. I thought it sounded really, really good! Of the boys -- he has FAR surpassed any of the others tonight. Even Chris Sligh... He is safe...

Stephanie: She is such a beautiful girl - but that was one fugly dress! Great performance. I don't know what the judges were talking about. Maybe I was concentrating on typing this to really listen. I thought she did better than what they said. She has star quality that is missing in so many of the contestants this year. I hope the judge's comments don't ruin her chances to perform again next week.

Chris R: What was that walk when he came on stage? Yuck. He didn't sound good at all. This was the worst performance I've seen from him. He could be in trouble, too.

Jordin: For a 17 year old, she has an amazing voice, and she looked beautiful tonight. Lots of control and feeling. I loved her performance. That was a great way to end the show. She is safe.

I was so freakin bored tonight. Only three performances caught and kept my attention: Melinda, Lakisha and Stephanie. Other than that it was all I could do to not turn to another channel. I just don't like anyone else this year. I'll listen to Blake and Chris Sligh becuase I really do like them, but they don't "do it" for me. I don't feel invested in these kids like I did last year.

Let's just go ahead and send everyone home and vote on Melinda and Lakisha... that is who it is going to be anyways!


Dale said...

I think Diana is classiest when she's drunk driving to bring her dvds back to Blockbuster. That's how I choose to think of her.

Marni said...

Touche... but she's better than Michael Jackson!

Marni said...

I tend to look over her drunken debacle... I want to remember her in her prime.

Can I be forgiven?

Bubs said...

Nice summary Marni. I am now officially counting on you to keep me informed.

And I agree with you about Melinda and Lakisha

n.v. said...

Marni, I beg to sniff you - but you are doing Michael Jackson a GREAT fucking disservice by calling San-homo MalaCUM MJ Jr. Please retract.

n.v. said...

LOL @ Dale. I was going to mention "classy" Diana's DUI's, but I see you beat me to it.

She disgusted me tonight with her showboating and squinty freak smile where her mouth looks exactly like my terrified asshole after a rage of diarrhea.