Thursday, March 15, 2007

Do not look Miss Ross in the eye

Well Dale, you got your train wreck all right. Man, I was waiting for Simon to pounce on her after that "I Love You More Today" attrocity she pulled.

My friend John once catered an event at her house in L.A., where he received the following instruction from the team captain:

"You are not to look Miss Ross in the eye."

Must be some bitch.


Dale said...

I knew if I hoped hard, she'd be that entertaining CP!

A guy at work said he saw her a few years ago and even with the prompter, she had trouble squeaking out the words to some of her biggest hits. Her tour in progress was cancelled the day after her show here. Blame Canada.

Valerie said...

I could not believe how boring, bland, pitchy and unimpressive she was. She's the top selling female vocalist of all time?

She should've retired.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

Anonymous said...

she sounded OLD and WINDED!

Bubs said...

She just yelled the words to her song, toneless and shrill. It would've been awesome to see Paula climb onstage with her, reeling from booze and percodan, and do a little dance while Diana sang

Dale said...

Ladies and Gentlemen...Miss Diana Dross!

Don't forget how overcooked Meatloaf was last year when he was on the show.

Jake's Mom said...

I think I saw her in a movie, her head was spinning, she was spewing green gunk, the bed was bouncing up and down (she was the only one on it). She was pretty scarey was back then too!

Nurse Ratchet said...

I think Diana and Paula partied before her performance!! As Simon would say "I've seen better high school talent shows."