Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nobody Does It Better

Unfortunately nobody was not on Idol.

Brandon forgot the words. How hard is it to remember the words to ONE song? Evidently harder than I thought as he was not the only one to stumble. Bye-bye Brandon.

Melinda was great. Still my favorite.

Chris S was endless agony.

Gina handled Love Child wasn't bad, but it just doesn't fit her image.

I am still questioning the sanity of the people who keep voting for Sanjaya. YUCK! Thanks to Valerie we know he has another job to go to.

Ditto for the voters that vote for Haley, Phil, Blake, Chris R and Jordin.

Stephanie should stay away from ballads.

LaKisha should not wear white. And stay away from Billy Holliday. No one can do Billy but Billy.

Paula was weepy or's hard getting off the drugs. Randy and Simon were in top unforgiving form...but they were accurate.

And from PEOPLE (the magazine)....
Simon + Drunks = Truth? During commercial breaks, Idol's resident audience entertainer, comic Cory Almeida, often fields questions and comments from the audience. One young fan remarked that his father loves Simon. "My dad says kids, drunks and Simon Cowell are the only honest people in the world," he said, prompting the crowd to erupt into laughter. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight!

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Dale said...

I like that 'nobody was not on Idol'. It makes perfect sense, even though it shouldn't.