Sunday, February 25, 2007

On Second Viewing

In the UK, Sunday afternoons are about reruns. Most of the networks air shows that ran earlier in the week, and so it's the perfect opportunity to catch up if you missed something. I'm taking a break from my homework for lunch, and I was flipping channels for something to watch while I ate. They're playing AI again, and since it was the women singing and not those tone-deaf boys I decided to watch this. On second viewing, I've gained these insights:

1) Alaina is a cow. She is incredibly ungracious and full of herself.
2) Lakisha's performance really is as good as I thought. It holds up well to second (and third) viewings and you feel happy for her when she finishes.
3) I am now an AJ Tabaldo fan. Not because of his singing, but because of a camera shot during Lakisha's performance. Most of the time contestants try to look engaged, but are keeping an eye on the camera. AJ was not. He was on his feet, a look of pure joy, flailing his arms about as he whoopped for pure talent. That is a good man. Keep him around.

I now want next week to rid us of Alaina and Antonella from the ladies, and I'm thinking Jared Cotter and Chris Robinson from the men. Or maybe that littel boy with the eyebrows.

I'm ready to commit to Lakisha, Stephanie, Melinda, and Chris Sligh as my top four, with Leslie, AJ, Gina and Jordin in my keep-around file. Blake, Sundance, Nick and Phil round out my top 12, but I have no commitment to them right now, so I could easily turn on them. And if the threaten the safety of any of my babies I'll slit their throats like a chicken.


Jake's Mom said...

I was liking Phil but then last week he came in dressed like Kevin Fedderline aka K-Fed. Have some class Phil, I like your voice but if I have to look at you, you better clean up your act.
Am I getting too mean???

Jake's Mom said...
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