Thursday, March 01, 2007

Da Girls

As I said with the boys, the girls also need help with clothes. And I just read from "The Dale", the contestants get stylists. Good. I know the style is tight and to show as much as possible, and this may be my age, but I don't care to look at it. Never did.

Gina..a younger Joan Jett. Sounded like she strained.

Alaina...breathy and off key at times

Lakisha...very good, needs a bit more attitude favorite, reminds me of Nancy Wilson with a little Ella thrown in her disco dress, was off key

Jordin...2nd favorite, very good voice, needs more confidence

Leslie...bluesy Marianne Faithful

Haley...very Whitney but she had fun, liked her attitude key

And before Simon comments on the outfits he should try wearing something other than sweaters and muted colors. Why do I get to comment? I am an older woman who gets to...with age comes privilege.


Dale said...

Come on, Antonella's disco dress looked hot all rumpled and stuck up her ass in that one shot that was held a half second too long.

Simon's on fire the last couple of shows...I love it.

I'm commenting because I can type.


Jake's Mom said...

Keep it up Dale. You keep me laughing. And make me aware for good or bad.
If I had kept all my clothes from that era I could have opened a vintage store and supplied Idol.