Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not nearly as bad as I was expecting

CP votes off:

1. Sanjaya
2. Nick

The CP Recap:

Phil Stacey. I thought Phil was great and all Simon can say is "you are a very good karaoke singer." This from the man who brought back Carmen-the-Mormon as his wildcard in Season Two. Get a life.

Jared Cotter. He's "challenging" himself with Marvin Gaye? He's lucky his father didn't murder him too. Was that harsh? Although I did like the egg down the face move. I'd kind of like him to do that to me. Randy thought it was hot, too. And God, Ryan, stop fawning like a school girl.

AJ Tabaldo. Mindy's little muffin of love. Singing Nina Simone. It was ok, but can I just tell you all, Gentle Readers, that CP is about to issue a moratorium on the black-singer glissando? I am OVER it, folks. Every single song in the world does not need that little ornamentation. For cripe's sake.

Sanjaya Malakar. Ok, Simon has not spoken yet, but I'll imagine he'll say it sounds like he was auditioning for a high school musical. There's something about this kid I just can't stand. And I feel bad about it because he seems nice. Good thing I'm not.

(ps: Randy just compared Sanjaya's performance to a bad high school talent show. I should have his job.)

I just realized the strangest thing about Chris Sligh. I have a co-worker who is a good friend and is a strikingly gorgeous woman. And in the oddest way Chris Slight looks just like her, down to the hair. Except that she only has one chin. Anyway, Chris has a nice voice and a nice vibrato. His performance was just slightly "Star Search" tonight, though. Not happy about that.

Nick Pedro. I've hated that "Fever" song ever since Madonna did it. Leave now please. Oh and Simon honey, charisma does not end with an R. PS: Nick, the "Vote for Pedro" joke was funny the first 20 times you said it. Give it a rest.

Blake Lewis. Min and I had pegged him as the possible Mormon contestant, although he surely would have come out with it by now to capture the LDS vote. Blake, I see you trying to convince us you're kind of cute, but hats like that always remind me of Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids.

Brandon Rogers. Aw. Time After Time. That's such a great song, and you were just mediocre at it. You gave it a good shot on that one "I will be waiting!" line, but it was just....flat. Sigh.

Chris Richardson. Yawn.

Sundance Head. You really need a makeover, dude.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... I want to like Sanjaya, too, but he makes it kind of hard.

Dale said...

You mean Billie Jean Minelli? Come on Sanjaya! I think you're right CP although Brandon Rogers should also be afeared.