Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's their second chance

I missed the first 10 minutes of tonight... I was at my son's first play. He did fantastic -- thank you very much....

I don't know if I missed anyone and I'm too lazy to rewind my DVR and watch the beginning. I'll wait til the end -- or a commercial.

Jared Cotter: "Let's get it on" I love this song and he sounds pretty good singing it, too! I can't stand that ol' finger "come on" wave though. Much better than last week.

AJ Tabaldo: That sounded like a broadway performance to me. He has a really nice, smooth voice. SOOO much better than last week. The boys are stepping up!

OK -- I went back during a commercial and watched the first performer - Phil...

Phil Stacey: He always starts off pitchy. Bleh. That was a totally forgettable performance; I liked last week's better. Not impressed - he may be in trouble.

Now. Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Sanjaya Malakar: Very sweet story behind the ring. A pony tail and earrings? Holy cow, is he trying to be his sister? I liked the hat only because it covered up those scary eyebrows. But we have to listen to his singing, right? Hmmm... it was OK. That's it. Just OK.

Chris Sligh: His wife if HAWT! WOW! I don't ususally like ballads, but that was awesome. That boy has such a soulful, clear, amazing voice. I could listen to him sing anything! He is totally safe and will be in the top 4 of this competition.

Nick Pedro: That was a good sound and song for him. He has a smokey, bluesy voice. MUCH better than last week. He's safe. Vote for Pedro.

Blake Lewis: Hate the hat - lose it. Now. He sings songs I don't know very well - if at all. I can't compare them to the original so I have to judge it on his version. I liked this one, but it didn't impress me too much. I liked last week's performance better. He brought out the beat box. I think he'll be safe only because he is a cutie pie and the young girls would sop him up with a biscuit.

Brandon Rogers: I want him to quit moving his hands around so much. I love spastic moves from Taylor... Brandon's aren't as endearing. I didn't really like his performance. I was bored. Very forgettable. He could be in trouble -- even though is a such a hottie! Hopefully he will stay and bring some excitement next week.

Simon is showing his a$$ tonight! Why is he being so ugly about Brandon wishing his dad a happy birthday. Dickhead.

Chris Richardson: Don't like his bobbing and weaving... that gets. on. my. nerves. I don't think Big Mama would like that song -- because she wouldn't know it! She'd say "What the HELL was that, boy? I wanted to hear some Tim McGraw!" (I wrote that before Simon said it -- I swear!) I think he did a good job though - bouncing and all. He's safe.

Sundance Head: Very endearing dedication. He did a great job -- I admit it. He sounded better tonight than I have heard him since his first audition. If he keeps singing like that, I may... may... change my mind about him. As long as I don't have to look at him. That was really good. He's safe.

I am happy that the boys brought it tonight. I think watching the girls last week scared the crap out of them. They knew they had to improve or it would be an all girl final. I still think there is only one guy that can hold a candle to the girls... any guesses?

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