Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Da Boys

I know this is not a clothes contest but I think the contestants need to dress a bit better. The sloppy look is so annoying to me. It seems the guys tried to dress better this time...some of them. That said...
Phil...still my favorite. key
AJ...nothing special
Sanjaya...too Michael Jackson
Chris S...has got a good bluesy voice but that hair, do something better with the hair.
Blake...outfit was terrible but Paula like him...a lot. Singing just OK
Chris the other...not someone I would listen to regularly
Brandon...too nasal and breathy
Sundance...did make me smile because he is so in love with his new baby. He has good pipes.

As an aside I would like to go up and smack that smug look off of Simon's face. I just know he is thinking, "Gee, I hold these kids ego in my hands and I can smash it if I feel in the mood." Maybe not but that is the look on his face as he watches the contestants I think.
Randy at least was giving some positive comments now and then and Paula was just happy to be on TV.

Let's see what the girls will do.

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Dale said...

In a couple of weeks, they get stylists to come in and help the contestants so that might help a bit.