Thursday, February 01, 2007

My take on last night

I went to bed last night thinking "I'll get up and post about AI before I go to work."

Well, I'm up. I'm ready to post.


I can't remember a thing. It was just that boring.

I told Carl halfway through the show that I was B.O.R.E.D. and ready to move on. I can't believe we have one more night of this cheesy crap to go through before we get on with the competition! I mean, come on!

The only story I truly enjoyed last night was the gentleman that had lost his wife just a couple of days before. It was truly heartwarming and I loved his song. I'm surprised he held it together... I wouldn't have been able to. Hats off and prayers to him.

Other than that I don't have anything to say. I just want to get on with it!

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