Thursday, February 01, 2007


As expected for La La Land there would be strange tryouts and they started out with Mr. Bizzarro aka Martique. What was that? Was he having a seizure?

Then the girl who was "channeling" Taylor Hicks!!!???

Simon had his tongue hanging out over Alaina. I didn't think her voice was that good, but he made sure she got a golden ticket.

And it didn't get any better until Brandon. I believe he said he was a backup singer wanting to not be in the back any longer. Glad he finally came out (for lack of better words). Olivia and Paula were drooling.

Can't say any of the others made an impression with the exception of Sherman who wanted to sing for his lady love that had recently passed. I think even Simon softened on that one.

Actually the judges behaved last night IE: didn't laugh in the contestants faces...they waited until they left the room. Maybe that was Olivia's influence.

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