Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My take on the neighboring state

I liked Alabama... at least they had some talent!

Tatiana goes to the same high school I went to. I have to root for her just for that reason alone! She is this season's "girl that everyone will love and be upset about when she goes home early"... know what I mean? I also have it on good authority that she makes the top 40 from LA...

And the 50 year old big bird was absolutely atrocious! Another plant by the producers to draw us in and give us something to talk about.

Loved, loved, loved Chris. I love a guy with a quirky sense of humor -- and the boy can sing! He'll make it to the top 20 at least... they'll keep him around.

Then we have the "Kellie Pickler" on steroids chick. Was she from Alabama? I don't remember... her story sure sounded like it, huh? All she needed to include was that he just got home from the Talledega race (after a week of long haul truckin', too) when he caught his woman in bed with another man. Maybe she just left that part out..

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