Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The South Can Recover

Katie and Tatiana made a good start. Tatiana has a very soulful voice for one so young. Maybe you grow up faster in the south. And Bernard and Chris had good pipes plus I like Chris' sarcasm. I would think you'd need a healthy amount of that to get by in the "business". I don't know if Jamie got a golden ticket for sympathy or her voice. A daddy shooting his two timing wife then shooting himself but botching it and end up living with your momma the rest of your life, I just hope it was for her voice, it wasn't bad.

I got a chuckle from big, big bird and the girl who thought the wood floor made her sing bad so she tried the carpet and it was just as bad if not worse. And why would someone want to grow their hair so long? Maybe Victoria will try out for the next 'American Godiva'.

That's entertainment.


Anonymous said...

I hope Chris makes the Hoff cry like Taylor did. It may be to late to see Paula crumble in his chubby hand, erm why wasn't she there for Day 2 and didn't anyone else notice how overly perky she was? Med changes perhaps??

Jake's Mom said...

Maybe Paula's doc watched and said OOPS!! a little too much Rx.