Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Valerie's View - January 30, 2007

Thankfully, Alabama was not a freak show, or at least not as much of a freak show as Memphis and New York.

The first contestant wasn't worth writing about.

The second contestant, Katie, had a chipmunk/little-girl/nasally voice. She might have a career doing cartoon voices. But when she opened her mouth to sing, I was genuinely impressed. It may have been because it was such a stark contrast to her speaking voice. I'm thinking she should make her entire life a musical and sing everything. I was surprised to hear that she just got married and she's only 19. I thought I was a young bride at the age of 23!

Tatiana, a 17 year-old, with a good voice, got a golden ticket. There wasn't anything that makes her super memorable though.

Diana Walker looked like a 400lb. pig stuffed into a 50 lb. hot dog casing, with an ECOBAG as a top. I guess the producers didn't have anyone wearing an astronaut costume, so they let the fat lady in.

Bernard sang "Gonna Rock With You." I liked him. I was shocked that Paula thought he was "completely off key." I don't think he'll be in the finals, but he was decent.

Margaret "Big Bird" was so gross I don't want to write anything else about her.

Jamie Lynn had a great Hillbilly Soap Opera story. Hers was even better than Kellie Picker's. Her dad was paralyzed because he shot himself after he found his wife in bed with another man. He shot her too. Jamie Lynn never said if her stepmom survived. Her voice was ok, but the twins hiding under her shirt that read, "Blue Eyed Bombshell" helped her get a golden ticket. BTW, what was up with those ripped jeans?

Chris Sligh - I really liked him. He looked like a cross between Weird Al and Jack Osbourne, before Jack lost all that weight. I liked him for his sense of humor too. His voice was good, not great, but they might cast him in the final 12 because he'll appeal to a certain demographic. The audience always like to have an underdog to root for. Myself included.

The rest of the people they showed weren't of enough interest to me.

I saw that Olivia Newton John is a guest judge for L.A. Is she a media whore now, or what? She was on "Grease, You're the One that I Want" just two nights ago.

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Dale said...

And she showed up in a montage of last weeks show, bad editing. They were showing the judges reactions to one band of idiots and one shot showed Olivia. Let me be there.