Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Valerie's View - January 31, 2007

Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the bio intro on Olivia Newton John, because I'm not familiar with her work.

Martik - Did he have half a goatee? What was up with the facial hair? They say that having an image is a big step in getting a golden ticket...this guy definitely had an image...of an epileptic, topless, faux gang-banger.

Sholandric Stallworth has nice, white straight teeth. At least he has that. Fast forward.

3 people not worth mentioning...I love the fast forward button.

Marianna Riccio - sucks. on her knees.

Then they showed a bunch of beggars. I loved the look of Olivia with crossed-eyes.

Aliana Alexander - Simon was undressing her with his eyes the minute she walked in the room. I thought her voice was ok. Nothing super interesting. Simon said she was, "really, really, really great." Simon definitely likes the ethnic girls. She got a golden ticket.

Phuong Pham - She said she's a self-taught vocalist. Obviously. She looked like she was trying to kill ants with her feet. They probably died from the sound of her voice.

Brandon Rogers - another background singer - Nice, sweet voice, but a little pitchy at times. Paula and Olivia seemed to be crushing on him. So he got a golden ticket.

Brian Miller - a guy who got let go last year in Hollywood - Nice young, boy-band face and a nice voice too. He got a golden ticket.

Sherman Pore - the 64-year-old - great sob story about his sick cancer-stricken lady friend - I actually cried. Seriously. I'm not kidding. I'd go to the local Italian restaurant to hear him sing some oldies. I would be drinking lots of wine while listening to him though. As George Costanza said about Home Alone, "the old guy got to me." Please pass the Kleenex.

Cavett and Darryl - I love hearing how couples have met (they met at the bus stop). I didn't love hearing Cavett or Darryl sing. It's nice they've found each other. I know Ryan Seacrest is a small man, but seeing him seated in between Cavett and Darryl made him look like a fetus.

Forgettable bad singer.

Eric Mueller - How do you train for American Idol for two years? 4-5 hours a day? Seriously? I think all the dogs in the LA area could hear his screechy falsetto.


Marni said...

You didn't think Darryl's grill was good enough for national tv? She liked the "taste of that"! Gross!

And the Taylor Hicks wannabe? How weird was she? Taylor looked good dancing... she looked epileptic! Did she really think that would fly... wait... yeah. She did.

Dale said...

Yes, who is this Olivia Newton John person? hahaha. Didn't she just kill her boyfriend or something too? Is AI harbouring fugitives?

I think everyone cried over Sherman and Peabody, the musical. Very sweet.