Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I don't know if I can sit through this...

... but I'm going to try. I think I'm just bored with this year and am ready for it to be over. This is prolonging the agony.

Wow... Simon almost in tears. I never thought I would see that!

Songs that inspire... ***heavy sigh***

Chris: Pitchy at the beginning. At least he's not nasally... Nice ending - as Paula would say "he made it his own".

Melinda: She gives me chills and is, truly, the only reason I keep on watching this year. I'm not crazy about the song choice, but she did a great job (even if at one point I felt like she was yelling). I still love her and think she's a star.

Blake: Imagine is one of my all time favorite songs and I wanted to hate it, but Blake did a good job. He did it respectfully and beautifully. I'm not a huge Blake fan, but I enjoyed it. It wasn't a show stopper. It was nice.

LaKisha: It started off a little shaky, but she held it together. Great job. I even got a few chills. I don't understand what Paula was saying... don't do Fantasia? Comparing Fantasia to Celine, Mariah, and Chaka Khan? I don' think so!

Phil: Nice voice, but boring performance. Is this show not over yet?

Jordin: Fantastic. What more can I say? The best of all six seasons? I wouldn't go that far. Maybe the best of the night, but NOT for six seasons.

I'm inspired to dance when I hear certain songs... I'm inspired to call friends with when I hear songs that remind me of them. Not all inspiring songs are sad, sappy, or slow. I understand the message that AI is trying to convey, but tonight was kind of, I don't know, sad. Depressing. Heartwrenching. Am I wrong? I was depressed tonight, but it was SO nice watching the show without cringing or wishing I was watching something else.

Praise the heavens that Sanjaya is GONE! Now if only his 15 minutes were completely up... and I didn't have to see him on the talk shows. Go AWAY!

Bottom Three: Phil, LaKisha, and Chris.

Buh-bye, Phil.


BeckEye said...

Imagine "Imagine" with a beatbox breakdown.


Imagine Sanjaya doing "Imagine."

Doesn't that inspire you?

n.v. said...

Am I fucking CRAZY? Because Jordin's voice hurts my ears. I think she's a twat underneath and is just Katherine McPheeing this season with her nice girl nose-scrunching and tearful performances. Give me a fucking break.

Anonymous said...

you have to admit, Jordin has nice teeth.

Melinda didn't look so surprised tonight. They ripped LaQuanda a new one but I thought she did ok.

Dale said...

Jordin hurt me a little tonight but I still like her.