Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Imagine Melinda the winner.

Jordin's rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone" brought a tear. I think she is an old soul, how else can she have that much feeling and be 17?

I'm glad I have closed captioning because I could not understand a word LaKisha was singing last night.

Blake, Phil and Chris were just bad. Enough said.

I am glad at least some of the money will go for something good. The judges certainly do not deserve the millions they are probably getting for this gig. Randy gushing over Chris was just plain bad. And can Paula ever sit up straight in her chair. I may not agree with all of Simon's critiques but at least he sits up and looks the contestant in the eye. I still think he is a jerk much of the time.


Dale said...

There must be a way to make you love Simon. I'm busy with my other life's work right now (chewing gum instead of brushing my teeth) but when I come up with a plan, I'll let you know.

Jake's Mom said...

Never give up!