Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pop Goes The Eye

I hereby officially and openly declare my love of Beckeye at The Pop Eye for her excellent summation of last night's proceedings on Idol Gives Back.


Jake's Mom said...

Now come on, there had to be something you like'd about the show.

BeckEye said...

Dale, this is all so sudden. I'll have to break the news to Simon that I have a new fake boyfriend. :)

Not sure if Jake's Mom's comment is for me or you, but here's the PS version of what I liked about the show: The Simpsons, Simon's semi-exposed chest hairs, Jack Black, Kelly Clarkson, Annie Lennox and the final group sing of the new Bono song. The rest was a lot of filler.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with beckeye's post on her blog and totally agree with her comment here. Jack Black cracks me up just looking at him. I'd marry him, swear. Especially now that Dale is taken. *sigh*

Dale said...

I think what I love most about the show is the love and compliments that always flow from the keyboard of Jake's Mom, haha.

Bluez, please don't say a word to Beckeye but I'm a notorious whore and will break her heart, just not yet. I'm still in love at this point.