Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Careless Whisper

I'm glad it's the phone calls that are raising the money and not the performances.

It was a veritable suckfest with the exception of Chris who learned how not to choose nasally as a style choice and Melinda who's the easy pro of the bunch.

Imagine we could see your teeth when you sing instead of just your Muppet nose Blake. Everyone else was a little Randy Jackson in places tonight.

It was nice to see another side of Simon though, the side that's not afraid to wear the puffy shirt from his Seinfeld box set.


BeckEye said...

You and I are 'N Sync.

No, really. 'Cause they broke up and Chris Kirkpatrick is looking for new band mates. Whattya say?

Dale said...

I dunno Beckeye, do I fit the suit?

Jake's Mom said...

Last night was just painfully bad, except for MeLinda and Jordin. Simon should have brought out that shirt, seeing it wo uld have brought a smile. I do not understand Randy's gushing for Chris every week.