Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

I like Martina McBride. She has a beautiful voice but tunes always bring a tear.

When Sanyuck looks in the mirror does he really say "OOH cool hair." Has he no shame? Will he allow anything to be done to him. Was he channeling a washer woman? Off, off, off!! VOTE HIM OFF NOW!!! Glad Randy & Simon said it like I thought it. Can Paula even tell the truth?

Jordin & LaKisha were very good. LaKisha should not wear those boots but this is not a fashion contest. If by some travesty of justice Melinda does not win then I hope the winner will be Jordin.

Phil, Blake & Chris were so-so. Chris voice is more suited to country. Still don't care for any of them. At least Phil didn't wear one of his ugly hats. Blake should not wear argyle when singing country.

So what if Melinda has no neck. Get over it. She has a beautiful voice. Does anyone else think she wears a wig? I like her innocence but if she wins & I am hoping she does, she will soon lose it in La-La Land. Too bad. She is the winner, hands down.


Dale said...

I like Martina too especially that cd she did of the old tyme covers of other country tunes.

And her daughter was cute too.

Jake's Mom said...

She is wonderful! I knew you liked someone.:):):):)