Friday, April 20, 2007

Art Garfunkel is Certifiable

On the UK version of AI, they've edited out Simon's eyeroll, and Cat Deeley is sitting with Art Garfunkel critiquing the show. Art's favourites? Although he is a self-confessed "Fanjaya" and thinks that Sangaya has true star quality, he also loves the "texture" Chris's nasally warbling adds to his voice, and thinks Phil is a supertalent.

Art, people already think curly hair is an indication of crazy. Please shut the hell up.


Dale said...

The most artistic thing to come out of Garfunkel is his hair. Does he still have any? What an odd pick for commentator.

Melinda June said...

Oh my, yes. He has curly hair aplenty. Making him look like he just left the electro-shock booth.

Coaster Punchman said...

He's just trying to maintain his sixties counter-culture iconography, that is if he ever had it.

n.v. said...

I'd love to get thumped by Funkel. He's so fucking hot with that JewFro.

Jake's Mom said...

It's very sad when a use-to-be tries to get back to where he/she use to be. Maybe he felt sorry for Sany because Art was criticized for his falsetto so many years ago. Boo Hoo

cappy said...

the best thing about watching A.I. over here HAS to be cat deeley's legs!
her dresses are getting shorter every week!
can't wait for the final!!!!

s'all i watch for.